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Our Team

Martian Watches Passport Smart Watch (White/Silver/Black) – from the company that Invented the world’s first voice command watch comes passport. With impressive executive styling, the passport speaks for itself with a polished case that tops a bluetooth smart watch styled for individuals who want a stately analog timepiece.

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Since it’s cleary iPhone season, pumpkin spice & everything, all the recent buzz surrounding new releases has got everybody thinking about a new phone. We are not even going to say that the season of giving – shopping – is just around the corner and not even kids are satisfied by stockings for Xmas unless Ironman wore them before. Let’s face it, we all want a new gadget!

Buying a new phone, especially a flagship one, is definitely an investment and for almost everybody, that price tag is scary! Yet, there is always another way: get a refurbished phone!

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